Benefits of LED Lighting

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Benefits of LED Lighting

With the current global climate crisis, we all need to try and do our bit to make this world a better place and look at what we can do to save energy and protect our environment. Do we even realise how much energy our standard lightbulb is using up? We can make a change, and switch to LED Lighting. There are more benefits than you know when switching your bulb. So, what are the differences? JHP Electrical, are here to tell you. 

LED Lighting

Energy efficient 

In this modern age, everything seems to require electricity such as our mobile phones or TV and therefore we don’t realise how valuable energy is. LED lighting consumes 50%-70% less energy than the conventional light bulb.  Therefore, switching to LED lighting makes a huge difference in the efficiency.    


This also leads to how this can be affordable for you. On average, UK homeowners save £240 per year with LED lighting. Therefore, wherever you own a sports ground or a commercial space, this can cut your energy bills whilst using less energy. 

Low Maintenance 

Sometimes investing in higher quality LED lighting is worth it, as they can last for up to eight times longer than fluorescent light bulbs. In the long run, this could save more money on your business, rather than having to constantly spend on updating faulty lighting. Here at JHP Electrical, we offer an electrical maintenance plan to ensure that your lighting is in the best possible condition. 


LED lighting rarely has to be changed early; due to the fact they have a simple design that reducing the chance of them failing. To top that off, most LED lights are supported by manufacturer warranties if anything was to go wrong.  


LEDs are small, meaning they can be used for a range of different projects. For example, instead of using LED lighting for mass visibility, it can also be used for areas harder to reach such as staircases. Therefore, your business space can be well lit in even the darkest of areas. 

Environmentally friendly 

Did you know that LED lighting contains no toxic chemicals which harm the environment? This also means they’re easily recyclable. Switching to a bulb that doesn’t impact the environment is favoured, especially with the global environmental crisis. 

When it comes to your electrical lighting systems, this advice will be of great help when assisting you on what’s best. There are so many benefits in switching your bulbs to LED, which can help you, your business and the environment.  

Here at JHP Electrical, you can count on our specialist technical knowledge, expert workmanship and exceptional levels of customer service and experience. We want what is best for you and your business and therefore we ensure your project is guaranteed to finish on budget and on time. If you have any further questions on how to improve your commercial space or any other electrical questions, then feel free to contact us on 020 8950 4643 or email us at and we will reply as soon as possible.  

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