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Case Study | Ousedale School, Olney Campus

JHP Electrical have been at Ousedale School, Olney Campus in Buckinghamshire to upgrade the outdated and failing lighting infrastructure in their main and sports hall with a more energy, cost efficient and cutting edge LED Lighting Solution.

The results of the install were impressive, not only has the lighting quality improved for staff and students but the school are expected to make significant savings over the next three years.

Background Information:
Ousedale School, situated at the picturesque Olney Campus, recently underwent a transformative lighting upgrade project. The school’s existing lighting infrastructure, comprising outdated fluorescents and large hanging lights, was not only failing but also contributing to soaring energy costs. Motivated by a commitment to reduce their carbon footprint and enhance lighting quality, the school embarked on a journey towards modernization.

Project Overview:
The urgency of the lighting upgrade became apparent as the old system was on the brink of failure, leaving spaces inadequately lit during crucial hours. Combined with the escalating energy prices, this became the impetus for a comprehensive lighting overhaul.

The primary goal was twofold: to significantly reduce energy consumption while meeting the stringent lux level requirements set by Sports England for the sports hall. Simultaneously, the main hall aimed for an improvement in lighting quality.

Technical Requirements:
To achieve these objectives, a cutting-edge LED lighting solution was implemented, featuring LED panels and high bay fixtures. Existing controls in the sports hall were utilized, while “switch dim” controls were introduced in the main hall for user flexibility. Meeting the Sports England guideline of 500 lux in the sports hall was imperative, ensuring a top-notch facility for sporting activities.

Energy Efficiency:
The results were remarkable, with a 71% reduction in energy consumption for the main hall and a 59% reduction for the sports hall. Over three years, this translates to approximately £20,000 in savings – a testament to both environmental responsibility and fiscal prudence.

Installation Process:
The installation process was executed with precision, utilizing a push-around vertical machine to safeguard the sprung floor in the sports hall. The project was completed within an impressive one-week timeframe during the October half-term, minimizing disruption to normal school activities.

Challenges and Solutions:
Selecting a height access machine without damaging the sprung floor posed a challenge, met with an innovative solution – a push-around vertical machine equipped with heavyduty mats. This lightweight yet robust choice ensured a seamless installation process, reaching a height of 9.5 meters.


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