Hockey Pitch Floodlighting

We specialize in providing top-quality LED lighting solutions for field hockey pitches across the UK. Our mission is to help enhance the overall playing experience for athletes and spectators alike, while also providing significant energy savings and reducing carbon emissions. We are proud to offer the latest in LED lighting technology, backed by years of experience and a commitment to excellence.

A field hockey game in progress, with players in action and the ball in play. The surrounding field is lush and green, with clear blue skies above.

led lighting in hockey

LED lighting is the latest innovation in field hockey pitch lighting, and it offers numerous advantages over traditional lighting solutions. LED lights are brighter and more efficient, providing improved visibility and uniform lighting across the playing surface. They also have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance. LED lighting is also more customizable, allowing you to adjust the lighting levels and colors to suit your specific needs and preferences.

A well-maintained field hockey pitch, with neatly trimmed green turf and white boundary lines marking the playing area. The surrounding areas are also well-manicured, with tall trees visible in the background.

Energy saving

At our company, we are committed to helping our clients reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint. With LED lighting, you can save up to 80% on your energy bills compared to traditional lighting solutions, which translates to significant long-term cost savings. LED lights also have a lower heat output, reducing the need for air conditioning and improving overall energy efficiency. Additionally, LED lighting is more environmentally friendly, producing fewer carbon emissions and reducing your impact on the environment.

upgrade today

We take pride in our work and are dedicated to providing the highest quality LED lighting solutions for field hockey pitches across the UK. Our team of experts has the experience and knowledge needed to upgrade your lighting system and improve the overall playing experience for athletes and spectators alike. We use only the best materials and equipment to ensure that your new LED lighting system is reliable, efficient, and long-lasting. So why wait? Contact us today to schedule your upgrade and experience the benefits of LED lighting for yourself!

A hockey pitch floodlighting mast being lowered down by a group of workers using a crane. The mast is tall and has several large lights attached to it. The surrounding area is dimly lit, with the lights from the mast illuminating the workers and the immediate surroundings.

Testimonials in Hockey

The lights look absolutely amazing, better than expected and the install team of JHP have been brilliant. They had to overcome a few obstacles but still delivered the project in time. I would defiantly recommend JHP as Sports Lighting specialist to any club."

The school were granted the approval to renew there hockey pitch lighting. The installation was subject to some obstacles though. The existing Christy masts were fixed in place and could not be lowered. JHP Electrical had to hire a narrow cherry picker and heavy duty protective matts to get the project completed. Despite these obstacles, we still carried out a speedy installation reaching a maintained Lux of 200 with a uniformity of 0.6."

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