Access Control

access control

At the heart of any good security infrastructure you’ll find an access control system. These external and internal entry/exit point systems suit a wide range of applications from small domestic premises to large offices with multiple sites and vast industrial complexes with advanced security networks.

From simple numerical keypads and touch screen interfaces with storage for thousands of access codes to digital time and attendance devices and biometric fingerprint readers, we can provide you with the right system for your needs.

Standalone Door Access Control:

These access control devices include numerical keypads and proximity readers which allow quick and easy access to staff or residents with a card or pin number. They are ideal for individual security doors.

Smart Door Access Control Systems:

These versatile card readers are designed for small to medium sized sites with several security doors which can easily be accessed with the right card. Permission levels can be assigned to the cards making higher level areas even more secure.

Scalable Access Control Systems:

These scalable access control systems are aimed at facilities with expansion in mind. These systems are capable of integrating proximity card readers, swipe card devices, digital numerical keypads, lift control, CCTV and much more. They can be expanded to include network communication devices, input/output modules, biometric terminals and contactless smart card readers. Like the Smart Door Access Control Systems security levels and associated time zones can be assigned to individual cards and users allowing for an intelligent building control system to be fully implemented and managed from a single location.

Our scalable access control systems provide you with peace of mind through flexibility and an unprecedented level of control over your home or business security with unparalleled ease of use and technical support.

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