Consumer Unit and Fuseboard Upgrades

consumer unit and fuseboard upgrades

All Consumer Unit and Fuseboard upgrades must comply with the 17th Edition of BS7671 and either be notified to local Building Control direct or be installed by a Part P Approved Contractor.

Consumer units also commonly referred to as fuse boxes can potentially save your life. However, a faulty consumer unit can also be responsible for loosing your life too. It definitely will pay you to be aware of the 'current health' of your consumer unit, and how capable it may be of saving your life should a problem develop.

Apart from control the electrical function of your home, a consumer unit should also be intelligent enough to detect a dangerous problem. This would be more than just the standard 'tripping' but rather in the form of dual protection RCD's which all new consumer units are now fitted with. I cannot over emphasise how important it is to have RCD protection in your home (so you'll hear me talking about it a lot!) RCD's could one day save you or your families life. RCD's are clever enough to detect faulty appliances before you are even aware and will even activate if someone accidentally touches a live cable in your home. The capabilities of an RCD far exceed any other safety function of a fusebox such as a trip switch activating or a fuse blowing. An RCD activates in less than a split second.

We will install your new Consumer Unit using the latest safety devices like RCD's, MCB's or RCBO's, Inspect and Test your installation to make sure it is safe, complete the relevant certificate and paperwork to ensure it complies with Building Regulations. We will also notify Building Control through the NIC EIC.

Fuseboxes and Fuseboards without RCDs should be upgraded as soon as possible because a RCD may just save your life!

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JHP Electrical for Consumer Unit and Fuseboard Upgrades

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