Electric Gates and Barriers

electric gates and barriers

The first point of entry on your premises is the entry gate and whether it’s an automatic traffic barrier at the entrance to your car park, automatic rising traffic bollards or a pedestrian gate to the front of the building you can be sure we have the right protection for your requirements.

We provide a diverse range of gates, barriers, rising bollards, turnstiles and automatic doors to make even the most challenging environments easy to secure.

All our components are supplied by manufacturers with over 25 years of experience in designing and building security gates, barriers, bollards, parking and access control.

Swing and Sliding Gates:

While these types of gate serve the same purpose - to protect your staff, residents, property and vehicles - they can be utilised in very different ways and offer alternative solutions to difficult installations.

For instance, a sliding gate is an ideal barrier for a ramped garage or driveway that won’t allow for swing gates, whereas swing gates would be required where the option to recess a gate is unavailable.

Pedestrian Gates:

Pedestrian gates can be used as a standalone security entrance or in tandem with another gate allowing you to have one entrance for all staff members whether they’re arriving by car or on foot.

Rising Bollards:

Rising bollards provide more flexibility for parking facilities or road access. They can be controlled by a security operator, remotely from a vehicle or automatically. Due to their size rising bollards are very discreet but effective, giving you control of access without the need for large obtrusive gates.

Automatic Barriers:

Automatic barriers provide a simple gateway to private car parks as they stop unwanted vehicles being parked and remove the need for heavier gates. In areas where selective vehicle access is required they are a cost effective option.

Parking and Access Control:

We supply a vast array of entry and exit devices for gates, barriers, rising bollards, turnstiles and automatic door access including vehicle induction loops, pay and display systems, audio/video entry systems, card readers, radio transmitters, biometric readers, automatic number plate recognition systems, time clocks, keypads and keys.

We supply high quality electric gates and barriers, bollards and access control devices made by FAAC, CAME and Fadini.

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