Fast Electric Vehicle Chargers

fast electric vehicle chargersfast electric vehicle chargersFast electric vehicle chargers reduce charge times to around half that of a slow charge by at least doubling the current to around 32 amps (7 kW) – so that the time for a full charge is typically taking 3 to 4 hours. Most commercial and a many public on-street chargers already use this technology – however, it is very likely that this charge rate will become increasingly used across the UK.
While not all electric vehicles are able to accept a fast charge at 32 amps, most can be connected to them (with the right connector) and will draw either 13 or 32 amps depending on their capability. While Blue Commando plugs (IEC 60309) were the most common connector type used at the charger end, these are steadily being replaced by the more versatile 7-pin Mennekes plug (IEC 62196).

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