Full and Partial Rewiring

Full and Partial Rewiring

Whether it's a practical necessity or for your own peace of mind, complete electrical house rewiring is worth considering. JHP Electrical Services are a highly trained team of electricians and can carry out an electrical full and partial rewiring service to ensure that your home or business meets today's regulations and safety standards.

An electrical rewire happens about every 25 years; it is essential that you plan the rewire and try to future proof the installation as best that you can to fit into your budget.

The householder should consider all wiring needs, for instance electrical, IT cabling, entertainment, TV and audio etc.

When we carry any house rewiring our quotations are set in a very clear and transparent manner with each individual item being separately priced into each individual room.

References are a must when considering any electrical work, particularly a full rewire that is to be within the structure of your house for around 25 years. We have many satisfied customers and have no hesitation in forwarding those references. Please ask for further details.

Contact us to arrange a site survey and free quotation.

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JHP Electrical for Full and Partial Rewiring

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