Sports Lighting – Golf Range Installation

We Are A Golf Driving Range Lighting Specialist as Supplied and Installed at various locations

What if there was a way you could see more customers through your doors each day, save on energy and even please the local community?

Well, now you can…

The Challenge:
Poor sports lighting at driving ranges has long been a bugbear for golfers, with the most common complaint that poor light levels and reduced visibility at a distance make tracking the ball’s trajectory challenging.
Most driving ranges still suffer from dim, old-fashioned Metal Halide sports lighting, but many Golf Driving Range owners are often concerned about the effect of more powerful lighting on their environments.



golf toptracer

At JHP Electrical we are proud to be a nationwide Toptracer Installer. We have been installing Toptracer for over 3 years and installed 12 sites within 10 different counties around the country.  With our vast experience ,we are Toptracers most valued installers; What we offer is Expertise, Experience and Excellence.  It is a our duty to respond and care for the client during and after the installation has been completed.