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Case Study: Hengrove Park Leisure Centre

Hengrove Park Leisure Centre, located in Bristol, is a popular recreational facility known for its diverse range of amenities and activities. However, soaring energy prices were putting a strain on the leisure center’s operational costs, prompting the need for energy-saving measures.

To address this challenge and improve lighting quality, Hengrove Park Leisure Centre embarked on a comprehensive LED lighting upgrade project. The goal was to reduce energy consumption and costs while enhancing user experience and decreasing maintenance expenses.


Background Information:

Hengrove Park Leisure Centre relied on outdated lighting fixtures, including compact fluorescents, fluorescent tubes, and metal halide floodlights. These conventional lighting systems not only consumed significant amounts of energy but also required frequent maintenance and replacements.

The escalating energy prices necessitated a solution that would allow the leisure centre to continue operating while reducing energy costs.



The objectives of the LED lighting upgrade were twofold. First and foremost, the primary goal was to reduce energy consumption and associated costs. Secondly, the leisure centre aimed to achieve better lighting quality, enhance user experience, and decrease maintenance expenses.


Lighting Requirements And Usage:

The LED lighting upgrade covered various areas within the leisure centre, including the climbing wall, gym, lobby/cafe, main pool, spectators seating, spin studio, sports hall, Studio 1, Studio 2, teaching pool, and wet change areas. Each area had specific lighting requirements and switching arrangements to meet the desired lighting levels and ensure uniformity.

Special attention was given to locations such as the main pool and sports hall, where the correct uniformity levels were crucial. The lighting standards were also required to meet the Centre’s contracted lux values, ensuring a visually appealing and safe environment for visitors.


Proposed Lighting Solution:

To achieve the desired objectives, JHP Electrical, the chosen contractor for the project, proposed a comprehensive LED lighting solution. All new LED luminaires provided by QVIS Lighting were selected to replace the existing outdated fixtures.

The new LED lighting fixtures needed to be compatible with the existing control system on site and have the ability to reach different lux switching levels.

In addition to the luminaire upgrades, the project introduced additional daylight sensing controls in the lobby/café area. These controls allowed unnecessary luminaires to be switched off during bright hours, resulting in further energy savings.


Implementation And Challenges Faced:

The implementation of the LED lighting upgrade project involved thorough planning and coordination. Site meetings, pre-start meetings, and the submission of health and safety documents were conducted to ensure a smooth execution.

A detailed program of works was created to prevent any clashes with other planned activities on-site.

To minimise disruption to the leisure centre’s operations and potential loss of earnings, all installation works were carried out during night shifts. This presented a challenge to the engineers involved, but their dedication and commitment ensured that JHP Electrical overcame the obstacles successfully.


Results And Benefits:

The LED lighting upgrade at Hengrove Park Leisure Centre yielded significant results and benefits. Prior to the installation, the lighting system consumed approximately 271,313 kW, costing around £75,000 per year.

With the new LED lighting, the energy consumption reduced to approximately 134,795 kW, resulting in an annual saving of approximately £37,250. This substantial cost reduction meant that the payback period for the LED lighting upgrade was approximately 2 and a half years.

Apart from the financial gains, the upgrade also led to improved lighting quality and enhanced user experience throughout the leisure centre. Visitors could enjoy a well-lit environment that not only met the required standards but also enhanced the overall aesthetics of the facility.

Furthermore, the LED lighting fixtures offered longer lifespans and reduced maintenance requirements compared to their predecessors. This resulted in additional cost savings for the leisure centre while ensuring reliable and sustainable lighting solutions.

Environmental impact was another notable benefit of the LED lighting upgrade. The significant reduction in energy consumption led to a substantial decrease in the leisure centre’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a more sustainable operation.


User Feedback And Satisfaction:

The LED lighting upgrade received positive feedback from users and staff. Martin, an onsite maintenance personnel, shared his satisfaction, stating…

“The engineers on site did a great job and worked extremely well together. The new LED lighting is a big improvement from what we had installed before.”

Further testimonials from other users and staff confirmed the positive impact of the LED lighting upgrade on their experiences within the leisure centre.


Project Showcase:



The LED lighting upgrade at Hengrove Park Leisure Centre proved to be a successful initiative that addressed the challenges of rising energy costs while enhancing lighting quality and user experience.

With the implementation of energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures, the leisure centre achieved substantial cost savings, improved maintenance efficiency, and a reduced environmental footprint.

The project exemplified the commitment of JHP Electrical and its dedication to providing sustainable lighting solutions. Hengrove Park Leisure Centre can now continue to operate efficiently, providing an enjoyable and well-illuminated environment for its visitors.


Get In Touch:

JHP Electrical can help any Leisure Centre upgrade to LED to reduce their energy cost on a little or large scale.

For help with these enquiries please contact us on the below details;


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