Dirt build up can lead to loss of light output and leaving lamps for too long can cause damage to control gear and lead to reduced lifespan. That’s why our electrical maintenance plans ensure that your lighting systems are maintained in the best possible condition, so you can trust your lighting day after day, and avoid stress and disruption.

We can service, repair and maintain all the lighting systems we install, and we offer the following services:

  • floodlight cleaning
  • alignment checking
  • replacement of prematurely failed lamps
  • regular tests, inspections and reports
  • mast and foundation maintenance and illuminance check in accordance with BS EN 12193:2007
  • removal and disposal of lamps as per the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005

Our electrical maintenance plans include labour and parts.

To find out more please give us a call on 0208 950 4643.